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CD: Sounds of Receiving: Volume 3 (Solfeggio: 417Hz)

A harmonically driven healing system that nourishes the body and soul. Each Volume is over 75 min journey, each Album has 4 tracks – including instructions how to use and the healing benefits to your mind, body and spirit. Nutrition you only need to buy once!

A system of sound for Optimal Wellbeing – Sounds Of Solace Music is unlike any other relaxation music. It is a healing system for optimal health using the power of harmonics in human voice and specific frequencies that are mathematically coherent with the universe. Each track has a scale. It uses specific and unique, Scalar Holographic ‘tones’, crystal singing bowls, binaural beats and rhythms, entrainment, ancient scale of solfeggio tuning forks, medicine drums made by Anikiko and her unique melodies with specific vowel sounds that relate to intended emotions and energy centres for that specific scale and healing qualities.

I am strength in openness yes I am
Key areas: scarcity, relationship needs being unmet, insecurity, shame, self value, self worth, a positive attitude toward self and others, disconnect to others and self, accept responsibility for self in relationships, vulnerability, transparency, openness, strength and confidence, strength through vulnerability, worthy of support and value

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Title: CD: Sounds of Receiving: Volume 3 (Solfeggio: 417Hz)
Publisher: Anikiko
Author: Anikiko
ISBN: anikiko5

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