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Spice Yourself Slim: Harness the Power of Spices for Health, Wellbeing and Weight-Loss

Eat your way to health and lose weight with the use of amazing spices. Spices have long been recognized for their healing properties, but are also known to be a useful aid in weight loss – stimulating the taste buds and therefore eradicating the need to substitute other flavour enhancers to meals, such as unhealthy sugars or fats.

Spice Yourself Slim is unlike any other diet. Rather than a contemporary fad, it has strong foundations in centuries-old traditions. This eating plan seeks to unwrap the mysteries of one of the oldest, most valued and mystically powerful food sources known to mankind – spices – and shows how they can be incorporated into contemporary low-calorie recipes that can have a huge impact on not just our diets, but our health and wellbeing. Kalpna Woolf’s healthy eating plan guarantees weight loss and improved wellbeing, whilst enjoying flavourful food at every meal.

Spices are bursting with flavour and are guilt-free. Kalpna focuses on 10 regular everyday spices, plus some key combinations in the form of 6 versatile Spice Rubs. 100 recipes, all calorie-counted, are split into Drinks, Breakfasts, Lunches and Evening Meals and are drawn from around the world – India, China, Mexico, the Middle East… Weekly meal planners are included and each recipe also divulges the additional health benefits that each individual spice offers.

Beautiful, colourful photography means the food and flavours simply leap off the page. Spice Yourself Slim is an essential book for any cook’s bookshelf, but ideal for those additionally interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Title: Spice Yourself Slim: Harness the Power of Spices for Health, Wellbeing and Weight-Loss
Publisher: Harper Collins
Author: Woolf Kalpna
ISBN: 9781910496060

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