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Super Grains

Recipes and flavor combinations give you all you need to create healthy dishes packed with goodness. Learn which spices can deepen and enhance the flavors of different grains, find modern uses for these ancient ingredients and experiment with healthy grain risottos, muffins, pancakes and burgers.

Super Grains is a stylish guide to the nutritional benefits of different grains, with culinary advice, recipe ideas, complementary flavor combinations and inventive ways to cook with these often overlooked ingredients. Eat healthily by eating well. Learn how certain spices can deepen and enhance the flavors of different grains. Be inspired by clever combinations of ingredients and make grains the centerpiece of your meal. Super grains are loosely defined as being less refined and therefore more pure than those treated with pesticides, fertilisers, irrigation and other forms of modern farming. They include quinoa, millet, buckwheat, spelt, wild rice and many other nutritious staples. Experiment with healthy risottos, muffins and burgers made from grains. Feast on a guilt-free split pea stew, richly flavored with Ethiopian spices. Grains are used in cuisines around the world and learning how to cook with these staples is a great introduction to exciting new dishes and flavours. Recipes cover breakfasts, lunches, mains, salads, sides and desserts and come with top tips for making meals more filling while reducing your calorie and carb intake. Super Grains is aimed at anyone looking to eat a healthy and balanced diet based on nutritious foods.

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Title: Super Grains
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Author: Joanna Farrow
ISBN: 9781845436803

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