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Sweet Life, The: Find Passion, Embrace Fear, and Create Success on Your Own Terms

Since posting her first makeup tutorial in 2008, Dulce Candy has become one of the top beauty stars on YouTube, boasting more than 2 million subscribers and garnering hundreds of millions of views of her bright and energetic videos.

But before she became a style icon and a role model to millions of young women, Dulce struggled to make her way in the world. Having emigrated with her family from Mexico to the United States when she was six years old, Dulce battled depression and low self-esteem as a teenager and eventually enlisted in the army in an attempt to turn her life around. It was here, on the battlefields of Iraq, that she finally uncovered and embraced her true passion—fashion and beauty—and gained the confidence to move on from her past, follow her dream, and launch what would become her wildly successful brand.

The Sweet Life chronicles Dulce Candy’s inspiring story, showing that anyone can be successful no matter their background and sharing the hard-won lessons that helped transform her from a shy, self-doubting teenager into a confident business woman and beauty expert. According to Dulce, you can’t live the sweet life until you accept who you are—flaws and all—and take chances—knowing that failure is just a part of learning and fear is a sign that you’re trying something new and exciting.

Drawing on anecdotes from her own life and career, Dulce offers advice on building a personal brand (‘Know what makes you different’), building confidence (‘Fake it till you make it’) and balancing the personal and the professional (‘Don’t settle when you settle down’). She also emphasizes the importance of both inner and outer beauty, encouraging women to love themselves, ignore the critics, and flaunt their own original style.

Part memoir, part manifesto, The Sweet Life is a fun, inspirational guide for any woman who wants to find success and happiness without compromising who she is.

Advance Praise for The Sweet Life

‘Dulce Candy’s incredible success is that much sweeter because of her truly inspiring journey to get to the top. The beauty world may know Dulce the vlogger, but this memoir reveals Dulce, the fighter. She proves any dream is valid when it’s your own.’ Kelli Acciardo, site director, Latina magazine

‘Dulce Ruiz uses her own incredible life story as a rally cry to women and girls everywhere to go after their dreams. At once uplifting and down to earth, the impossible-not-to-love Dulce not only shares her successes, failures and hard-earned tips in the trusted voice of an experienced best friend, but she constantly reminds you of the most important thing of all: to be exactly and unapologetically who you are. By the end of the book, you’re so glad that this fun, inspiring and powerful woman took her own advice.’ Jen Sincero, bestselling author of You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

‘Dulce Candy embodies the American Dream. Her story proves that, with a little courage and a lot of passion, any woman can live her best life. Written with honesty and empathy, The Sweet Life provides the perfect inspiration for young women to be themselves, chase their dreams, and define their own version of success.’ Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, founders of Juicy Couture and Pam and Gela, and authors of The Glitter Plan

‘Dulce has captured the hearts and minds of millions of women across the globe with her inspirational story and videos. The Sweet Life, her first book, will definitely do the same.’ Stephanie Horbaczewski, president and CEO of StyleHaul

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Title: Sweet Life, The: Find Passion, Embrace Fear, and Create Success on Your Own Terms
Publisher: Penguin Books
Author: Ruiz Dulce Candy
ISBN: 9781592409501

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