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Tai-Chi Spirit and Essence

This book offers insights for any style of T’ai-Chi or other healing practices.

Viewed as moving meditation, movement dynamics and breathing are enriched by Chinese philosophy, symbolism and basic metaphysical knowledge, of value for those on an Inner Path.

T’ai-Chi’s inner meaning- the inspirational allegory of evolution inherent in the traditional long Yang form, now largely lost, is revived and explained. 3 significant offerings are: clairvoyant observations of aura colours and energies produced during Tai-Chi practice -a unique contribution, the practice and values of form-cycle variations, and experiences of advanced students.

Beverley Milne, a pioneer teacher in Britain from early 1970’s, created schools in London and Melbourne. She developed her T’ai-Chi expression and teaching methods according to its rich Chinese roots, holistic principles and her own perception. Her book offers inspirational food and perspectives.

150 pp incl. diagrams and colour plates.

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Title: Tai-Chi Spirit and Essence
Publisher: Healing School of Tai-Chi
Author: Beverley Milne
ISBN: 9780646195803

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