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DVD: The Law of Attraction in Action, Episode 3 – Reality Check!

‘Stop ‘telling it like it is’ and start telling it like you want it to be!’ Total, permanent world peace: Can it be achieved? Should we even try? Oh, to cruise the oceans of bliss . . . but you can’t afford it?! Closing the gap between your now reality and your vibrational escrow. Anchors of resistance: If you’ve got negative emotion and you ignore it . . . don’t worry-something else will show up! Proving you are ‘right’ in court: Abraham talks about the true cost of litigation. Land of the free? When our own government starts to tread on our fundamental freedoms, don’t we have a responsibility to stand up for ourselves? Oh my god what if my dog gets run over by a car or my house burns down while I’m gone? What to do when your vivid imagination runs wild with horrible thoughts! To do or not to do? What’s the right mix between doing something and simply allowing thought-energy to flow? Men and women-are there fundamental differences? It often seems as though she wants to settle down while he wants to be free. Are we-deep inside-different? She’s ready-REALLY ready-for a baby: fertility specialists, acupuncturists, detoxing, organics, a healthy and prepared body . . . trusting, trying to feel positive . . . what to do when something you really, really want just ain’t showin’ up! Take this job and . . . DO it! Dealing with a very bossy boss who says, ‘Do this thing I’m pretty sure you don’t want to do, and I don’t want to hear any guff about it.’ And much, much more . . . answers and inspiration from the Non-Physical entity Abraham-whom Esther calls ‘infinite intelligence’ and Jerry refers to as ‘the purest form of love I’ve ever encountered.’


Title: DVD: The Law of Attraction in Action, Episode 3 - Reality Check!
Publisher: Hay House
Author: Esther & Jerry Hicks

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