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DVD: The Shift (Box Set)

This box set by bestselling author Dr. Wayne W. dyer includes two of his most widely acclaimed works:

THE SHIFT (book)
The Shift illustrates how and why to make the move From Ambition To Meaning. Such a shift eliminates our feelings of separateness, illuminates our spiritual connectedness. It involves moving from the ego-directed morning into the afternoon of life where everything is primarily influenced by purpose.
The shift doesn’t mean that we lose our drive and Ambition; it signifies that we become ambitious about something new. We make a commitment to living a life based on experiencing Meaning and feeling purposeful . . . and thereby complete our return to the Source that created us.

In this compelling film, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explores the spiritual journey from Ambition to Meaning-from a life based on achievement and accumulation, to a life focused on gratitude and service to others.
Through the intertwined stories of an overachieving businessman, a mother of two seeking her own expression in the world, and a director trying to make a name for himself, this entertaining film not only inspires, but also teaches us how to create a life of Meaning and purpose.

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Title: DVD: The Shift (Box Set)
Publisher: Hay House
Author: Dr Wayne Dyer
ISBN: 9781401924478

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