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CD: Turning Inside

Turning Inside is once more totally different from everything Christophe has done before. Always the sign of a good artist, they keep reinventing themselves. With this album Christophe goes back to his jazz roots and mixes it all with down tempo and lounge.

Featuring prestigious Sax & Flute player Michel Gaucher who use to tour with Ray Charles, Roberto Briot One of today’s most acclaimed French bass player, world fusion artists and keyboard Al-Pha-X, British Jazz trumpet player Tom Arthur , and of course long elaborate guitar solos performed by the man himself .

As usual expect also melodies, tight production, lush soundscapes, gentle vocals, refined down-tempo and groovy beats. If you are into Jazz, lounge, chill out or ambient this album is definitely for you.

Published Reviews

Christophe Goze’s latest offering, Turning Inside, is a very sensual album, smoothly blending jazz horns with classic chill out beats. It’s the kind of music that would play well as a soundtrack to an evening of romance – the perfect accompaniment to candlelight and red wine. It’s a tight production, with hardly any fat. Despite the simple approach, there is a surprisingly lush sound to it all, with no beat or note wasted. Overall, I found it to be an extremely rewarding album – it holds a few surprises, taking directions that may not seem obvious at first, but grow on you with each subsequent play through.

Brad Gaylard – Insight Magazine (Feb 07)

‘Another Timeless Album’…

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Title: CD: Turning Inside
Publisher: One World Music
Author: Goze Christophe

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