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CD: Voice of the Celtic Myth

Music by Greenwood and Featuring Cecilia and produced by Stuart Wilde This album is inspired by the story of the mythical gods of Ireland, the Tuatha De Danaan. It tells of their heroic battles with the cruel king Balor and the forces of darkness known as the Fomorians. The Album is full of traditional Celtic colour and rhythm, but is also very modern and unusual in its interpretation. Many of the songs are very spiritually haunting and the battle scenes are particularly panoramic and moving. Voice of the Celtic Myth is a great dollop of Irish exuberance and love; real food for the soul. If you need some genuine, heartfelt music that is rich in emotion and energy, then Voice of the Celtic Myth is a perfect choice. 11 Tracks (53mins) 1. Balor's Song (4:3) 2. The Shining Ones (5:2) 3. Resting in the Greenwood (4:28) 4. Faithfully Can Wait (4:37) 5. The Ocean Sweeper (3:52) 6. The Skirmish (5:12) 7. Bond of Love (4:35) 8. Seven Joys of the Goddess (6:) 9. Forest Celebration (1:5) 1. The Battle Hymn (6:14) 11. Triumph of the God's of Light (6:32) —————————————————————————————————- Note from James Wild: A truly outstanding album of Irish influenced music. This comes highly recommended and is my choice for music from the Stuart Wilde produced recordings. Each track has it's own unique character – from exuberance to tenderness; from emotionally charged to colourful and warmly enticing. Not to be missed!!

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Title: CD: Voice of the Celtic Myth
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: Greenwood & Stuart Wilde

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