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DVD: What Ate My Mum? And Will Eat Me?

Stuntman and Olympian, Marcus Lovett, used to think it would be cool to die in a ball of flames. Now, with a family of his own he wants to reach 100. To make it, Marcus has to figure out why cancer killed his healthy positive Mum and in doing so finds a valuable key to unlocking health and longevity.

Cancer is a leading cause of death, responsible for about 13% of all deaths globally. In the developed world it claims the life of about one in four people. According to the World Health Organisation this figure will rise to one in three by 2020. So most of us, if not all of us know someone close to us that has died from cancer. Marcus Lovett’s mother died from the next wave of asbestos related cancer sufferers , the DIY generation. This documentary is a global look at living a long and healthy life, but it is told through the intimate story of Marcus’ search to understand his mother’s death.

Marcus Lovett, started life as a ski bum, but along the way he became a Winter Olympian, Winter Olympic commentator, stunt actor (in such movies as the Matrix) and was the host, writer and producer of the Snowshow for 15 years, screened most recently on the National Nine Network. Marcus has a unique way of telling a story, sometimes irreverent, but always balanced. Marcus’ mother, Janet, was born in Iowa, USA, the oldest of 11 children and part of the largest hemophiliac (anti blood clotting disease) family in the world. Janet married a New Zealander, and they both moved to Australia to raise a family. When AIDS came to the forefront in the 80’s Janet’s family was decimated due to contaminated blood transfusions. Soon after Janet’s daughter, Lisa, Marcus’ sister, is diagnosed with cancer of the Esophagus. Before Lisa can die, Janet is diagnosed with Mesothelioma and dies. How does a woman who had a goal to live to 100, that led a healthy active life die at 69? Sure she had exposure to asbestos but not everyone that breathes in asbestos dies of Mesothelioma.

The audience will relate to the story by comparing their life choices to those of both Janet and Marcus, making them ponder their own mortality. This story is not about pointing blame or finding a miracle cure for cancer, it’s about how we choose to live, with consideration to environment, diet, exercise, lifestyle, attitude and how we cope with major life events.

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Title: DVD: What Ate My Mum? And Will Eat Me?
Publisher: The Love Dish
Author: Lovett Marcus
ISBN: 887936673238

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