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CD: Wholeness

Sharing personal experiences and stories, Dr. Dispenza takes a deeper look into common roadblocks and questions that arise from your attitudes and beliefs that have been keeping you unconsciously stuck.

Continuing the journey of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Dispenza inspires and supports you in staying present to create and live the ideal you!

Meditation – understanding when you’re doing it and when you’re not
What it means to stay present
Being drawn to a new experience vs. trying to control the outcome
Liberating yourself from your emotional agreements and bonds with other people
Addressing old attitudes and beliefs to give birth to a new ideal
Making new decisions vs. the predictable
Knowledge, the precursor to experience
The Quantum Field and neural activity
Maintaining the ideal you in spite of your environment and and doubt

CD Track Titles:

1. Skills of Meditation
2. The Brain Working in Unison
3. Maintaining the Ideal You
4. Breaking through Your Emotional Agreements
5. States of Happiness and Joy
6. Dark Night of the Soul
7. Knowledge, the Precursor to Experience
8. Thoughts, Feelings, Attitudes, Beliefs, Perceptions
9. Rewriting the Automatic Program
10. Information about Dr. Dispenza

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Title: CD: Wholeness
Publisher: Encephalon
Author: Dr Joe Dispenza
ISBN: 9780976865872

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