DVD: Yoga of Awakening, The: Chakra Flow (3DVD)

A full-spectrum 3-dvd vinyasa program for revitalizing the body, balancing the emotions, and aligning the chakras.

Seane Corn’s three-volume Yoga of Awakening DVD series explores the deeper dimensions of yoga, offering in-depth training for discovering our vast potential for greater consciousness, empowerment, and connection.This second volume, Chakra Flow, focuses on releasing blocked emotions and energetic healing, using yoga as a gateway to our seven somatic centers.

DVDs 1 and 2 include seven chakra-specific yoga practices for grounding, cultivating inner power and self-esteem, opening the heart, releasing blocked emotions, healing through grief, empowering communication, tapping
into intuition, and connecting to universal consciousness . DVD 3 provides
a 90-minute flow yoga session to cleanse and balance the body’s central emotional energy channel, chakra by chakra .
Designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners, this program offers two guided practice modes: 1) physical posture and alignment and 2) emotional- energetic work . Features music by Suzanne Sterling .


Title: DVD: Yoga of Awakening, The: Chakra Flow (3DVD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Seane Corn
ISBN: 9781622032495

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