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CD: Your Body of Light

Tap the Unlimited Energy of the Universe

You know you have a physical body, but did you know that you also have a light body—a timeless, energetic essence that connects you to everything in the universe?

Long ago, the ancient Taoist sages learned how to distill this body of light, allowing us to step into the flow of nature, align with the consciousness of the cosmos, and cultivate the seeds of our highest potential. On Your Body of Light, Lee Holden presents an in-depth course that teaches you the essential practices of this transformational art.

Explore the Art of Taoist Inner Alchemy

The early Taoists were inner alchemists who sought universal truth by working with life-force energy. On Your Body of Light, Holden leads you with playfulness and seasoned expertise through a full range of qi gong exercises and meditations—many rarely taught in the West—which lay the groundwork for your own daily exploration of Taoist energy practice.

The Intended to help you with real-world challenges like stress, worry, and sleeplessness as well as transitions large and small, these time-tested skills will unveil your own inner luminosity and the true miracle that is your life.

The Ultimate Question: Who Are You?

The Taoist masters felt that our existence was worth investigating with passion, purpose, and a sense of awe. With childlike wonder, they continually posed the question, “Who are you?” Your Body of Light invites you to approach your own life with the same spirit, as you come into harmony with the original source of all that is.

Program Highlights

  • The Inner Smile—an on-the-spot technique for neutralizing stress
  • Creating the Pearl of Consciousness to plug in to your personal “power place” in the universe
  • The Breath of Life—exercises for mastering the flow of qi (life energy)
  • How to work with your organs and meridians to harmonize mind, body, and spirit
  • The Three Treasures practice for health and longevity
  • Constructing your vehicle for the adventure after this lifetime
  • More than eight hours of Taoist philosophy, energy practices, and guided meditations for cultivating your “body of light”

8 CDs (8 hours, 41 minutes), 1 Study guide (47 pages)

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Title: CD: Your Body of Light
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Lee Holden
ISBN: AF01374D

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