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CD: Your Spiritual Personality (8 CD)

Spiritual personality. It?s something we all have?an affinity for certain wisdom traditions or inner practices?much like our inclinations toward the food we eat or the clothes we wear. But how do you know if you?re on the path that?s best for you? To answer this question, acclaimed author and teacher Jonathan Ellerby, PhD, presents Your Spiritual Personality, a complete audio learning program with assessment tools, exercises, and practice plans to help you discover your unique passageway to divine connection and fulfillment. Discover the Pathway That Matches Your Spiritual Personality After working with thousands of clients, Ellerby has created a three-stage process that can help anyone?from the beginner to the lifelong practitioner?walk the road to spiritual discovery. To begin, you will clarify your spiritual personality by uncovering six core qualities that reveal how you see and experience your spiritual life. With his Spiritual Orientation Scale, you will then determine the practices that hold the most transformative power for you. Sample from the 12 Master Paths?worldwide approaches that Ellerby found during his travels and explorations of more than 4 traditions?and learn which path or practice is best suited for this stage of your spiritual growth. Guidance for Your Ever-Evolving Spiritual Journey ?Spirituality is a lived experience?something deeply personal and uniquely different for everyone,? teaches Ellerby. With Your Spiritual Personality, you have a complete toolkit to help guide you in the direction that?s right for you?today and for every step of your adventure.

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Title: CD: Your Spiritual Personality (8 CD)
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Ellerby Jonathan [Phd]
ISBN: 9781591797241

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