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Zen Connection 3

Celebrating ‘Sunyata’, the middle way of Zen, where one finds true balance and harmony in their lives, Leigh Wood continues his Zen Connection series with the ambiently exotic, third double CD instalment, ‘Left Turn & Right Turn’. A global melting pot of Euro-Eastern mixes, Zen Connection III is a beautifully arranged emotive and engaging journey.

Beginning with laid back, pulsing drum beats that, throughout the first CD, evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity. Turn Left offers subtle ethnic sounds, such as Australia’s own, Bahkta, with ‘Something Strong’, a hypnotic blend of dance-floor electronica spiced with sounds of the East and the dangerously alluring sirenesque mantra ‘Fragile Wind’ by UK supremo Nitin Sawhney.

Right Turn, CD two, is more energetic and upbeat in tempo, captured on tracks like Prem Joshua’s ‘Mangalam’, an unusual new sound created by merging elements of Trance Music with the acoustic and more melodious flavours of Indian instruments.

The 27 downtempo tracks offer a more substantial alternative to the more generic ‘chill out’ CD’s currently available that blend together to produce a beautiful and soulful resonance.

A perfect compliation for an afternoon wind-down or dinner parties…

Published Reviews

‘Lovers of World Music, here is yet another menu of delectable modern tastes to carry you through a series of landscapes, sounds and times, perfectly arranged for those chilled out-out afternoons, a quiet dinner party or that scenic road trip…All up, Zen 3 Connection certainly has enough indenuity behind it to make it stand out from other world music CDs, which do have the tendency to sound much like the other. Mix this with the amazing talent of some of the world music’s most highly regarded then you have a CD that is better for more than just falling asleep to…what better tunes to keep you grounded’.

‘…There are 27 exquisitely chilled tracks poured into a melting pot of wholesome flavours and ethnic spices…You won’t find this music in the lift or in your supermarket jukebox…celebrate Sunyata, the middle way of Zen with this thoughtful compliation’.
Jaslyn Hall

‘Move over Buddah Bar, Zen Connection 3 is ready to take the mantle of sublime Chillout Music’.
3D World Magazine

‘On Zen Connection 3 you’ll hear neither cheesy muzak or avante-garde indulgence. Just quality down tempo sounds with global flavours and a spine tingling ambience. Put it on and take the journey…the world, as you may have heard, is an amazing place. A must for fans of global beats’.
Ministry Magazine.

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Title: Zen Connection 3
Publisher: One World Music
Author: DJ Leigh Wood / Various

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